• In North America over 50 pounds of textiles are discarded per person each year.
  • The textiles thrown away in one year in Canada could fill the Rogers Centre three times over.
  • 89% of discarded textiles still have 75% of wear left.
  • In most western countries, 6-12% of landfill wasted is made up of discarded textiles.
  • Instead of being thrown away as garbage, quality textiles can be efficiently reused.
  • 80% of unwanted clothes goes for reuse i.e. second hand clothes in the markets and shop systems.  They are sorted by type and quality and not only does this provide good quality affordable clothes for people in developing countries, it also provides employment in the sorting companies and associated trades
  • 20% enters the recycling market and can be found in wiper clothes, acoustic and thermal insulation, furniture padding, roofing felts, mattresses, blankets, horticultural products, carpet underlay, etc.