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Too Good an Opportunity to Miss

Too Good an Opportunity to Miss Marcus Gover is director of Closed Loop Economy at the Waste & ResourceS Action Programme (WRAP), UK According to a recent WRAP report, we use 2.7 million tonnes of textiles every year in the UK. However, less than a third of this is currently recovered for reuse or recycling. […]

Clothing Recycling – Time to Change the Conversation

Time to Change the Conversation Regarding Clothing Recycling Jackie King is executive director of the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART), an international trade association Each day, millions of people around the world collect and recycle paper, aluminium, glass and plastic products without a second thought. This has been true for many years as […]

A New Perspective on Textile Recycling

A New Perspective on an Ancient Industry Ira Baseman is president of Community Recycling, a Pennsylvania based textile recycler Often neglected and misunderstood in the world of traditional recycling, textile recycling is poised to become a more central component in our retail buying and social experience. The signs of change abound and the opportunity for […]