Clothing Collectors.com

ClothingCollectors.com is part of the Bag2School Group, a leading collector and recycler of textiles.  Our company is dedicated to reducing landfill waste and promoting efficient methods of reusing and recycling previously enjoyed clothing thereby extending the average life of wear and reducing the amount of waste required to produce new clothing.  We strive to ensure close to 100% of the clothing collected is reused or recycled.

Door to Door

Door to Door textile schemes are labour intensive and involve the distribution of hundreds of millions of donation bags every year, the vast majority of which are thrown away.  All too often the good intentions of individuals who leave bags outside their door are negated by the fact of them not being collected or ruined by weather.  With ClothingCollectors.com we will set a collection date with you so there is no problem with bags being left out on the street.

Instant Cash

ClothingCollectors.com will pay up to $0.10 per lb for the items and our collectors weigh your bags on your doorstep.  By booking a ClothingCollectors.com collection you will ensure that not only are your unwanted textiles efficiently recycled but you will also earn an instant cash payment.